Sales Tax Liability Report

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Sales Tax Liability Report

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We need to download 2021 Tax Liability report for our Colorado customer orders for our accountant.
Reports>Accounting>Sales Tax Liability
I set the Date Range for the Report at first for Jan 1 through Dec 31 and let tab that brew for about an hour with no results.
I reset the Date Range for just January 2021 and the report generated after about 1/2 hour. I tried to download and that took another 1/2 hour.

Is there anything you can do to speed up generating and downloading the reports?
Thank You!
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Re: Sales Tax Liability Report

Post by Dave »

We are looking into ways to speed up reports. There is no projected timeline for this.

Your Tax Liability Report for 2022 has been uploaded to your images & files area in a folder called "Reports"
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