PayPal Order missing from Console

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PayPal Order missing from Console

Post by Lfrailey173 »

We received a payment notification from PayPal on Feb 7th Transaction ID: 28G85213661039139 for $64.40 and we cannot find any order on the customers profile in our AllPro console. Matching the name and email address from PayPal we pull up Buyer #36794...... usually when this missing order glitch ocurrs there is an abandoned cart on the profile that matches the PayPal payment amount however there is nothing, just notifications of email sends and their last order 30 days ago....nothing from Feb 7th. We'd like to get the order to the customer so please help!
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Re: PayPal Order missing from Console

Post by Dave »

This will happen in the rare occasion when there is a break in communication from Paypal to AllProWebTools. AllProWebTools waits to hear from Paypal that a payment has actually gone through before AllProWebTools will complete the order.

You can see a list of processed charges by FIRST logging into Paypal and then going to this link: ... ns-history

Once you are at this link, you will see a screen that looks like this:
Screenshot from 2020-02-11 11-11-43.png
Screenshot from 2020-02-11 11-11-43.png (77.68 KiB) Viewed 1552 times
You can search for a transaction by typing your Transaction ID: 28G85213661039139 into the search like this (Make sure to set the date range appropriately):
Screenshot from 2020-02-11 11-13-55.png
Screenshot from 2020-02-11 11-13-55.png (58.3 KiB) Viewed 1552 times
Now you can check the box for the result that showed up and click the button "Resend Selected". You will be asked to "confirm" - so go ahead and press the "confirm" button. This will ask Paypal to resend the payment confirmation to your AllProWebTools account so that AllProWebTools can complete the creation of the order. It can take about 5-10 minutes for Paypal to resend the payment confirmation to AllProWebTools.

It is also helpful that from this Paypal Instant Payment Notification (IPN) history page, you can click on the "Transaction ID" where you can see more info about who made the purchase. You will notice at the bottom of this page, where it says "Custom":
paypal-detail.png (111.98 KiB) Viewed 1552 times
The number in the middle is the Buyer ID that was used to place the order, so in this case - the Buyer ID is 37196.

By following this process described above, I have successfully re-submitted the transaction from your Paypal account and a new order # 50531 has been created in your AllProWebTools account and is marked "paid" and is ready to be shipped.
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