Blog image resizing to outer divs

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Blog image resizing to outer divs

Postby Cthomas3487 » Tue Dec 03, 2019 10:31 am

When creating a blog post, we typically add images throughout the blog

By using TinyMCE (the given APWT text editor for blog posts), I'm able to add images to the blog post, however the default image size is set to whatever the height and width of the original image is. This can be great if the blog layout is super minimal however our layout is more complicated, the images don't default resize to the nearest outer div and can go out of bounds in that given column.

<p><span><img> is the div structure but the image overflows the <span> and <p> widths/heights creating conflict with nearby columns.

My temporary solution is to, every time I add an image, is to set the height and width to 100% so that it aligns with it's nearest outer div element. This works, however I would have to do this every time and I'd have to go back to past blog posts and manually change this...Another previous temporary solution was to make the image size smaller, however this creates a less coherent and less professional layout.

It would be great if, when adding an image to a blog post and without needing to go into the image properties, that by default it would have height and width set to 100%.

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