Emails not delivering

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Emails not delivering

Post by Lfrailey173 »

We recently seen an increase in email addresses getting the red x mark on a customer's profile. The customer then calls asking why they never received an email confirmation of an order, or shipping or the request for their password. We confirm their email and the one we have been sending to is correct. I will start keeping a list now so I can get you more examples.

One in particular from this week is buyer 11743. He forgot his password and requested 5 times for it, his profile does show that 5 requests sent but he says he never received any...he looked in spam, junk etc. However, his email address had a little red x next to it. So I re verified it and reset his password so he could log in.

He then placed an order which we've shipped. He emailed today saying he never received an email confirmation of the order or an email confirmation of the shipping. I noticed the red x mark is next to his profile email again. I just replied to him both from our console as well as a gmail account. Our send via gmail never received any delivery failure notice but the red x which I cleared is back on his profile after the send from our console.

I know last year we had an issue with some email servers that were not your typical gmail, yahoo, hotmail, aol etc bouncing our emails back....but we usually get some notification but I've not seen any? Can you check if there's something on our end with emails to buyer 11743?
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Re: Emails not delivering

Post by Dave »

Thanks so much for the detailed report, it is very helpful in understanding the issue.

Your customer is using for their emails. As you can see from this link: ... -p/5545471 has a reputation for blocking emails from senders (there are a number of people complaining about this online), this is something that your customer should ask bellsouth to make sure that all emails from you are allowed through. Or your customer can signup for another free email servers that will have a more reliable delivery rate.

The red X will appear every time that bellsouth refuses an email from you.
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