AllProWebTools Version 3.04 (2-15-2015)

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AllProWebTools Version 3.04 (2-15-2015)

Postby Paige » Fri Sep 12, 2014 1:04 pm

  1. Duplicate contact merge #18261
  2. Ability to delete contacts

Website Package
  1. Blog Category Children
  2. Blog Archive
  3. Blogs by category widget
  4. Blogs by author widget
  5. Blog category URLs
  6. Second blog layout option
  7. Setting to strip formatting in blog preview
  8. Setting to customize blog preview size
  9. Dictionary override url

Shopping Cart Package
  1. Product Dimensions (L, W, H)
    1. Setting on each product
    2. New eBay auctions will be uploaded with this value
    3. Dimensions sent to each carrier respectively to calculate shipping
    4. Added to Upload edited products spreadsheet

Membership WebTool
  1. Create Invoices on recur - paid or unpaid
  2. Setting to choose whether 2 of the same membership in an order adds time vs amount
  3. List out upcoming membership charges
  4. Modify membership quantity after made

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