AllProWebTools Version 2.4 (5-1-2012)

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AllProWebTools Version 2.4 (5-1-2012)

Postby Dave » Wed Apr 10, 2013 10:26 pm

  1. Reseller login to purchase.
  2. Email campaigns and (auto responder)
  3. Membership to access hidden pages with membership nav bar
  4. Recurring Orders
    - add ability in console and users my account page to convert any order into a recurring order and set how many days for it to recur.
  5. Cim integration
    - remembers users card number
  6. Switched cart to sessions
  7. Product uploader and downloader
  8. Buyer Uploader and downloader
  9. Email detect purchase of new item
  10. Inventory Tracking
  11. Shipping insurance required over specified dollar amount per shipping type

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