AllProWebTools Version 2.3 (3-1-2012)

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AllProWebTools Version 2.3 (3-1-2012)

Postby Dave » Wed Apr 10, 2013 10:24 pm

  1. Single Use coupons - expire after one use
  2. Coupon Aliasing
  3. Pickup and Delivery shipping option can now be restricted by zip code
  4. Improved email handling
    1. Emails are now sent faster
    2. Emails are automatically sent with both HTML and text formatting for maximum compatibility and SPAM scoring
    3. List group names can now be changed at anytime, are not limited in name length or format
    4. Improved email formatting for better SPAM scoring
    5. Bug fixes for proper email send counts, opens, clicks, purchases
  5. Gift certificates are now available for use - you can sell any denomination you like.
  6. Improved tax handling
  7. Tax presets now allows the creation of tax groupings
  8. Console checkout system now has a dropdown for selecting tax options including no tax and tax by customers address or sale location
  9. A new system for managing leads in the database has been implemented. This new method has allowed new features such as the ability to re-group leads and merge lists. We will now have better tracking over the conversion steps of a lead going from just an email to an actual paying customer.

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