URL extension and shares

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URL extension and shares

Post by Vivekavonrosen473 »

Me again.

Anyway we can get that --i-249.asp off the links? It just looks weird - although not crucial to sahring.

Also, my shares are still not showing up (let me clarify - the sharing tool is - but the number of shares is still ) which looks REALLY bad for social proof) :((

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Support Team
Support Team
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Re: URL extension and shares

Post by Christine »

Hi Viveka,

We will look into this right away and get back to you as soon as possible.
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Support Team
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Re: URL extension and shares

Post by Dave »

This issue has been slated to be addressed in our next version:
http://www.allprowebtools.com/cms/forum ... f=5&t=2544

It is listed as item # 6.

We understand the importance of this issue and would like to patch it sooner, unfortunately, addressing this will require a complete restructuring of the file structure and will take some time.
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