Why Can't I Upload a Video?

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Why Can't I Upload a Video?

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Yes, this topic has been talked about already, but I am not satisfied with any of the answers I am receiving.

I am trying to upload a video to my Images and Files folder so that I can link it to this month's Recording on our Members Page (see images attached). I keep getting an error that says the size exceeds the allowable size (see attachment). I uploaded January, February, and March videos with no problem at all prior to May (see attachment). Then all of a sudden in May when I tried to upload a video, I received an error message and said the size was too large.

There has to be a reason why I am no longer able to upload any videos at all when I had no problem uploading videos before May. You need to fix this and allow more space in order to be able to upload a video and not put a max size on it.

I do not want to link these to my own computer files, which I have had to do for the last two months. I want to be able to link these to the videos that I want to have located in the Images and Files folder.

I need a better explanation and a solution to this, please.

Thank you.
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