Email limit went from 5000 to 100

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Email limit went from 5000 to 100

Post by Agustindiaz4242 »

My email limit went from 5k to 100. I am unsure why this might have happened.

Today, it has came to my attention that I am currently experiencing DNS issues with sending and receiving emails with my domain. I am working to fix this issue.

Any feedback given is appreciated.
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Re: Email limit went from 5000 to 100

Post by Chopper326 »

You can go to the 'Reports' > 'Email Reports' > 'Emails Sent ' to see the amount of bounces and spam complaints you've received
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You can learn more about the bounces here:

Also, you can take our Email Training Course to reinstate your AllProWebTools-SMTP by go to the 'Marketing' > 'Reputation'

After that, you can click on where it says 'Restore your account' and follow the instruction
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