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AllProWebTools Version 4.1 (11-30-2015)

Posted: Wed Mar 18, 2015 4:57 pm
by Paige
Base Package
  1. Cloudflare
  2. Advanced search on tasks
  3. Task templates
  4. Printable tasks
CRM WebTool
  1. Add/Edit statuses
  2. Custom Fields display in timeline
  3. New task button located on CRM record
  4. Click to the CRM record from task
CRM Integrations WebTool
  1. Google Drive integration
  2. Company calendar with Google Calendar integration
Commerce WebTool
  1. Add new order from a task
  2. Display voided orders in timeline
  3. Add an option to an existing variation
Email Marketing WebTool
  1. MailGun
Membership WebTool
  1. Ability to change membership qty inline