AllProWebTools Version 3.02 (11-15-2014)

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AllProWebTools Version 3.02 (11-15-2014)

Postby Paige » Mon Jun 23, 2014 3:24 pm

  1. Timecard datepicker
  2. Referred by id field typeahead
  3. Downlines
  4. Multiple emails
  5. Multiple phones
  6. Filter contacts by tag

Website Package
  1. Pinterest hover on images #15816

Shopping Cart Package
  1. Report based on ship date
  2. Add USPS First Class International
  3. Merchant Warehouse CIM #17557
  4. Categories in Product list sidebar are clickable to that category
  5. Multiple pictures per product
  6. Pre-order system
    1. Deposits
    2. Option to exclude shipping on pre-orders
    3. Pre-order cart notification agreement
    4. Pre-order tacking for customer
  7. eBay Integration
    1. Shared inventory
    2. eBay orders appear in AllProWebTools
  8. Add International Shipping methods for USPS Form Form 2976:
    1. Add Priority International shipping for Flat Rate Envelope
    2. Add Priority International shipping for Flat Rate Legal Envelope
    3. Add Priority International shipping for Flat Rate Padded Envelope
    4. Add Priority International shipping for Small Flat Rate Box

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