AllProWebTools Version 2.58 (10-1-2013)

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AllProWebTools Version 2.58 (10-1-2013)

Postby Dave » Tue Jun 04, 2013 7:18 pm

  1. Local Delivery System
    1. Daily Reports
    2. Morning of Delivery charge customer
    3. Report of pending deliveries
    4. Holiday Blackout Dates
    5. Delivery Zones with order thresholds
    6. Customer can set own delivery date from list of set dates
    7. Email to confirm delivery with customer
    8. View future deliveries on individual customer
    9. Customer can cancel delivery
  2. Integrate sales tax with Avalara
  3. Set Active/Inactive on Buyers
  4. Product shipments
  5. Product shelf life
  6. Note trail per invoice
  7. Edit old shopping carts

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