Event Date based invoicing / Date of event

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Event Date based invoicing / Date of event

Post by Tabitha3817 »

I would love to automate emails based on the date of someone's event.
_If payment hasn't been received by 14 days
-10 days from event , system sents another payment request
-7 days, last chance or event is cancelled (Also must notify me of this)

I would be able to see events based on this date

Run reports on event based total invoices
-(for example) I want to know how much revenue I earned from July 1 - July 31, right now the system sees when the invoice is sent, so if I invoice the event in April and it is paid but the event is in July, This dollars are represented in April
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Re: Event Date based invoicing / Date of event

Post by Chopper326 »

Thank you for the suggestion, we will consider this for a future version
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