Square Integration

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Square Integration

Post by Debbie34 »

It seems that up I need a Square Token. However, I don’t know where to look for it and Square hasn’t been helpful. It seems I do not have a location either. Please can someone assist here?
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Re: Square Integration

Post by Pichamon326 »

This video explains how to setup square in AllProWebTools with locations: https://youtu.be/tnbSdWgHSms?si=7upliDMIpb6iltP5&t=165

Square also provides this information about their location requirements:

https://squareup.com/help/us/en/article ... y-location
https://squareup.com/help/us/en/article ... ith-square

Square also provides this video tutorial about locations:

If you still have problems, please provide a screenshot of the screen where you see the error message so we can assist you further.
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