Dangerous Element Error from Mail-Tester

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Dangerous Element Error from Mail-Tester

Post by Chandler4531 »

Getting a dangerous element error from mail-tester for one of my email templates (Email Id #12).
Error from mail-tester: 1 dangerous element (that is javascript, iframes, etc) was found while analyzing your message

Could you help with resolving this error?
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Re: Dangerous Element Error from Mail-Tester

Post by Dave »

We have sent another test email from your account and we are not currently experiencing this problem. Perhaps this issue has already been resolved. Can you test again and report back on this forum?

It appears that you are using Sendgrid for sending email and there are a few blacklist errors with your sendgrid account as shown in the results of the test email that we sent.
Screenshot from 2023-02-01 02-49-23.png
Screenshot from 2023-02-01 02-49-23.png (42.14 KiB) Viewed 772 times
You may want to show this forum post to your Sendgrid account representative to get more assistance with this.
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