Email Campaigns - Trigger events to stop campaign

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Email Campaigns - Trigger events to stop campaign

Post by Mgaul2097 »

Is there a way to set up a trigger event that will stop an email campaign? For example I have a 4 series email campaign to purchase a ticket to an event. If someone purchases after the first email, how do I remove them from future emails?
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Re: Email Campaigns - Trigger events to stop campaign

Post by Paige »

This is an automated process for the trigger "Requested Coupon", as soon as they purchase they get removed from the campaign.

For all other campaigns it requires one more campaign, they way our email campaigns work is it restricts one campaign per email address.

The way I would do this is create two campaign one for the series of 4 emails, then another with the trigger of "Purchase History" that is set to 1 day ago. This will switch the email address that is currently getting the series of 4 to a new campaign. It is your choice to have emails in the new campaign, it is optional.

Here is a video that explains using the "Requested Coupon" trigger as a virtual negotiator:

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